That's me!

I am currently working as a .NET developer in an ERP software development company. I use C# language and Visual Studio. I create database procedures and functions using T-SQL to retrieve the data needed for the application. I work with a group of developers through a version control environment (GIT).

Previously for more than 4 years, I worked for an automation company. I was primarily responsible for writing software for PLCs, according to customer requirements. All programs were written in ST language, which is a language based on C. In addition, I often dealt with the management of projects from the first contact with the customer through concept development, building applications, documentation and final startup. In the meantime I was conducting trainings on PLC programming for customers of the company. I was also responsible for technical support related to PLCs and network devices as well as assisting in cases where customers were unable to cope with programming.

After working in my private time, I am engaged in pursuing my PhD research plan. It includes creating a data modulation algorithm for sending data via radio. The algorithm is supposed to provide additional security and proper modulation acts as an encryption key which means that even a radio intercepted frame will not be properly demodulated without entering correct parameters. My PhD is also related to teaching students. I teach them how to program microprocessors in C.

Programming is a lot of fun for me and I like to spend hours on writing code. My code is always written legibly, does not contain repetitions because I encapsulate all the repetitive steps in functions / classes. My code is always properly described, so that the person reading it can easily understand every part of it. I have always written the code in English. In my spare time I take programming courses on well-known platforms. I am interested in Python, C#, Java.

The past few years have helped me understand what I like and what I really expect from the future. I would like to grow in the software development community. Creating code and the final working product gives me a lot of satisfaction and working in this industry gives great opportunities for development. Below are some of my characteristics:

  • I like exploring and learning new things
  • I like to take on new challenges
  • I am conscientious and I always want my work to have the best possible effect
  • I am highly motivated to work in a field that interests me
  • I don't give up when things go wrong
  • I work well under pressure and under high stress conditions
  • I can work with technical documentation and can handle finding the information I need there.
  • I believe that with the help of Internet search engines and technical documentation, you can find a solution to any problem